Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Shooter's Prayer


You have given us the whole creation as the subject of photography,
we are grateful even more for you've given us the sun,
an all powerful source of light to make it possible for us to write the creation's beauty through our lenses.

We also thank you for giving us the opportunity to share how we see, feel and experience the world the way we see it through our viewfinder.

Thank you for giving us the new-found friendship among us with whom we can connect, laugh and learn as we share and relish the artful beauty of capturing moments.

Sustain us, Lord, and bring out in each one of us the beauty of continuous awe of your creation which even our lenses could not capture
because it resides in our hearts.

Let each click of our cameras be a music of praise for your wonderful deeds, in Jesus' Name.


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