Monday, March 23, 2009

One by One ( Dell Mosaic )

One by One

( Dell Mosaic: The 11th Hour)

One by one,

They bade goodbyes

Like young babes

Begging for lullabies

One by one

I saw usb's all over

Pulling out their PST files

Like it's over.

One by one,

Those sweet words have fallen

Like that of a cunning salesman

Our faith in him was stolen

One by one,

Spiels were broken

Like bricks of ice

After the mighty two have spoken.

One by one,

Lively voices turned into growling

As if choked into confession

Turning them into howling.

One by one,

Blue and gray their colors have become

Clenched fists went tired, now open

Fangs of uncertainty are more to come.

One by one

I held their hands warm and cold

Clasping a promise

To move on and be bold.

One by one

They left and brave

The road and wave

One by one...