Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My last update in Facebook was the start of the so many things unexpected.
This place we are in right now is seldom visited by flood, and if ever the worst was heel high, just two inches above our floor.
So when it started coming in, we presumed that it would only be that high or if it would rise, it would be at least a few inches more.
We started organizing our things, and placing them up to higher places: tables, chairs.
But the water rose so fast.
At five pm, we decided to eat our supper because there was no more electricity.
At 6pm I started to panic. The children were still enjoying the experience of having the water coming in the house.
At knee high inside the house and the rain pouring mercilessly outside, I decided to seek help.
I went outside to cried for help to the house across the street because they have a second floor,
but as soon as I stepped out of the door, in the garage the water was already up to my neck already.
I shouted and shouted by furious sound of the rain and wind killed my voice. I advanced some more to the gate,
I was almost swimming and my whole body was trembling, I could not control anymore.
At this point I remember James Kim, whose story I followed which made me cry for a week, even until now if I remember him.
With his heroism in my mind I wanted to get back to the water and swim to get help, but my body could only take to much.
I could not even move because of too much cold. No, I said, I still could not do it.

With panic and frustration, I went back I told them the real situation and the things I feared.
I remember, what a friend told me to be strong in front of my kids, but during that time I could not hide my fears anymore.
Since, they won't contain on the table anymore,
Joy right away suggested the attic. I hesitated at first because it dangerous to up there, and the ceiling are too dusty more dangerous for my asthmatic kids.
So, I just prayed that it wont be triggered.
I set up the ladder and brought several blankets up there.

Joy and kids were already up there, but Robert the big special child (27 yrs old) was so afraid and refused to move, and besides it would more dangerous for him to go up there.
So, Annalyn, our helper, Obet, the special child, and I had to stay on two chairs above the table
Shouts of help and desperation were heard from the outside.
I would go back and forth to check the kids up there and monitor the water.
At last, the water stopped rising at around 9pm, but we still keep on monitoring it because there was occasional downpour.

At four o'clock in the morning, the water finally was almost gone on the floor.
Annalyn had to go home. I and Obet stayed while I was pulling things back to there places.
At the end of the worst, with all our things in total mess,
Hans asked me: "why do have to endure this?"
I told him: " At this point, we could only be thankful that we are alive...there are worse things out there..."

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